non, je ne regrette rien~

incredibly boring fandom talk within. spoilers for inception, but if you’re looking for actual proper thoughts on the film they aren’t there and will probably never be. instead i will talk about a ship for a gazillion words. the figure skating part is actually kind of important so i will just link it again above here: homophobia & transphobia in the figure skating world, as shown by the 2010 olympic champion.

i have 120 tabs open in firefox at the moment and i tried to go through and cull and then i realised that holy shit inception, you have taken over my life. I WROTE FIC ON THE TRAIN.

figure skating fandom tried to pull me back into its iron claws this week with the horribly douchey, homophobic and transphobic comment made by one evan lysacek, who has instantaneously turned most of the fandom against him (for good reason). however, rampant drama was not enough to sustain my attention for more than a few days, most of which were filled with blinding rage and upset. on the other hand, the inception train has fucking run away without me (INSERT TRAIN METAPHOR HERE). the amount of fic being produced is simply mind boggling. more has been produced for this fandom in a month, than figure skating fandom has managed to produce in the history of the internet and beyond. i am going to go all meta for about two seconds and say [INCEPTION SPOILERS THOUGH LOL THIS IS LIKE AN ESSAY ON A FUCKING FICTIONAL PAIRING I SUGGEST YOU GET AWAY RN]:

on the topic of arthur/eames. while i wasn’t particularly surprised that fandom had latched onto this pairing, i’m definitely surprised by the extent to which it has been adopted as the internet’s new otp. to be honest, i really felt like it was kind of a knee jerk reaction to wanting to write something about this universe (i had the exact same reaction coming out of the film– that i wanted to see more from it, that the 2.5 hours was not enough, and i would’ve written something if i actually had the talent to handle it) and not being able/willing/whatever to explore all the other intricacies of inception!verse. and i don’t mean this in a OMG INCEPTION IS TOO DIFFICULT TO WRITE ABOUT WITHOUT BECOMING BUTTSEX way, because it’s not. i just mean that fandom has become really, really acclimated to writing the kind of banter-y, mildly antagonistic pairing with undertones/overtones of genuine care that arthur/eames basically is. it’s a really common trope, it’s easy and comfortable for fandom to write and i do feel like a large proportion of the fics i read are using the same formula as i’ve seen applied to a bajillion other ships. basically inception the film = creative fuel = easiest to be channeled into writing arthur/eames.

i do still feel that way to a certain extent. and tbh i’m a bit *SIDE EYE… GUURL* at people who are all “OMG ARTHUR/EAMES IS SO CANON” (lol no, arthur/ariadne are not so canon either, and they kissed. only cobb/mal, guys.), but as someone who was trying really really hard to pay attention to the plot, i definitely saw the chemistry. AND OK, PEOPLE ARE ATTRIBUTING IT TO ONLY THE ~*~DARLING LINE but here’s the thing: i saw the preview when JGL went on the david letterman show, and they showed that scene. i watched the movie. i watched the trailers. that line is in ALL OF THOSE THINGS, and i still had NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT EAMES ACTUALLY SAID UNTIL I WENT ON TUMBLR. I DON’T REMEMBER THE “GO TO SLEEP, MR EAMES” FROM MY FIRST VIEWING. DESPITE THIS, i still came out of the movie going “lol arthur and eames had sexual tension”. is it partly my conditioning as someone who has been in 50% of the mainstream fandoms? well, mostly. but that doesn’t invalidate the fact that i can see exactly why this pairing would appeal to so many people and generate so much discussion and writing. it still makes me lol when i go through that “a survival guide to arthur/eames” with all their scenes from the movie and go… “that’s it?” while the rest of the fandom are going “THERE IS SUCH AN INTIMACY THERE”

i do love that inception has such an enormously big following. when i left the cinema, i thought there’d be a few, longish indepth fics if i were lucky (and i was thinking the fandom might be evenly split between arthur/eames and arthur/ariadne and a liberal sprinkling of arthur/cobb). but instead, there are about a thousand arthur/eames fic. to be honest, i’m not sure which i prefer. which is not to say that the ship doesn’t bring me great joy– the dynamic does appeal to me, immensely, but the promise of arthur/eames fic (a lot of which, THOUGH I LOVE IT ALL, feels very similar to me, despite the widely differing characterisations of arthur) isn’t enough to get me trawling through thousands of bookmarks and reading everything i can get my hands on. fandom has also made me dislike arthur/ariadne unless the writing is flawless but that is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY my fault. so when something shiny next comes along, i think inception will be put permanently on the backburner very quickly and swiftly forgotten.

tl;dr i am an entitled bum who isn’t fandom active. also i’m fandom promiscuous and inception is not going to last. and i get really excited when talking about fictional pairings and how they’re represented in fandom.

tl;dr tl;dr i’m boring


2 thoughts on “non, je ne regrette rien~

  1. HELLO. ARTHUR/EAMES! i have been converted more than i thought i originally was from those few screencaps. 8D also, jigalow suxxxxxxxxxx. cillian murphy. <3

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